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A very warm welcome to Sweet Peach Wellbeing 

Thank you so much for taking an interest in the page, a vision that I have created after so many years of bouncing around in my own mental illness, floundering in a life that wasn't providing me with the fulfilment that we all crave and that actually (and this too a little persuasion) we all absolutely deserve. 

The idea of life coaching, wellness and holistic care was something I snubbed and was a little dubious about. 

But what I realised, is that the key to any kind of change in ones life has to come from within. 

It has to be an organic and natural process led by... YOU 

Next to me in the photo is my incredible Mum (Mummy B)who has continued to inspire, protect and guide me through a few horrendous years. 

She helped and helps me to create the change in my life that will give me the recovery I DESERVE. 

Now it's your turn... 



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