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Mental Health 

The core of everything I do 

Mental Wellbeing. 

It's one of those terms that we use so flippantly. 

We run away from it at time. 

Fail to acknowledge it's true impact on our everyday life, not just when we've had a rough time. 

For some, they wear their heart on their sleeve with confidence and pride- for me, not so much. There is a constant battle and a shame that engulfs me. It is relentless, exhausting and manifested itself in a vicious eating disorder which almost destroyed me. 


Blogging was and remains a lifeline for me which is why I created to reach out to all those, who just like me, are struggling every single day. 

Give it a read, find your comfort but please do not be afraid of showing your vulnerability. It is human, we are human and we all have a delicate side. 

Be an ear to hear


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