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We are commited to altering your attitude towards food and your diet. You WON'T restrict your life. You will find a sustainable way to maintain your weight and still live a life of abundance and plenty. 

Learn about nutrition. Make the small 1% change and watch the results creep in. 

Image by Jan Kahánek

Keep a record of dietary habits monitoring satiety

It starts really simply, and thats with a food diary. 

Being able to see where we can add in easy wins or where sugar levels are dropping leading to snacking and over eating. 

We create a picture and then work to your needs and lifestyle. 

Healthy Food

Begin to make small changes 

One meal at a time. Taking things slowly to make sure that the changes are sustainable and manageable. Perhaps reducing portion sizes or adding glucose control hacks to keep you feeling vitalised and eneregised. 

Image by Anna Pelzer

Add foods into your diet and leave restriction behind.

We don't believe in restriction which is why we focus on what you can add in to your diet to bring more vitality, nutrients and health. 

Outdoor Snack
"Going through the menopause, I wasn't sure how to change my lifestyle to meet my changing body. Working with Hannah changed my mindset and attitude towards food. I'm so grateful for everything that I've learned and the changed to my whole life- Thank you so much Hannah!"

Claire, Langford, Bedfordshire 

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