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Are we really willing to take the steps?

Making a decision to commit is a big deal.

This time of year, when the world is on the “new year, new you” hype, we are all propelled into the inevitable thought train of what we want to achieve.

We dream big…

Many of my clients are coming to me with huge goals and aspirations. Most of which are focussed on their weight, nutrition or self care practices.

…”I’m going to meditate every day for 300 minutes…”

I too jumped on this bandwagon this year; making some small, huge, gigantic steps just before Christmas and so far… I’m still here.

So if I can do it, if I can take those first steps and stay on track… what’s my secret? Am I some invincible manifester of epic proportions with the willpower of a donkey?

Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? The first sign of stress and making an SOS to my No. 2 in command AKA my Mum.

But what I did do is put the necessary steps in to be able to stay on track.

Think of it like the bumper rails at the bowling alley.

What do I need to do to stay on track?

What do YOU need to do to stay on track?

Ok let’s break this down… eating more vegetables?

Step 1- make a meal plan that puts veggies left, right and centre!

Step 2 - buy them! Frozen is FINE. Get over that need to buy organic, sustainable etc… yes it’s VERY important but not right now. This is your bumper rails time.

Step 3. Have prepared veggies ready in the fridge. Cut up some carrot sticks, make a fruit salad and have it all within your eye gaze when you open the doors… if it means buying ready cut batons (this offends me greatly!) but do it.

That’s just three simple steps, easily implementably and that will just help you in your first steps. It’s a 1% habit that’s wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe and unbreakable.

I don’t want to be governed by numbers, calories and counting so what are my steps?

  • deleting my fitness pal.

  • Covering every nutrition label with a sticker so I can’t see a thing

  • Picking my meal deal from about 5m back (my eyesight is NOT that good!)

  • Making an action board and letting my peers in on the goals.

  • Not going for meals where the calories are printed


My steps may seem pathetic to you but they’re mine and I’ll take all the bubble wrap I can, to be able to reach my North Star.

So truly ask yourself that question.

It’s tough but dig for that answer

What steps can you put in place to bubble wrap your dream?

What actions can you implement that will act as your bumper rails?

And if you’re not willing to do those steps… do you, hold on, do WE really want to reach that North Star.

Tough question

But let’s get real

Dream big, start small, commit and watch.

And always live life as Sweet as a Peach

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