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An honest introduction

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Fit. Healthy. Strong. Happy. Balanced.

What do these words actually mean?

To you? To me? To the selfie queen girl or the guy pumped with steroids. What do these terms mean to you?

As a Personal trainer, nutrition coach, massage therapist and fitness instructor surely you’d look to me to have the answers?

Guess what? I don’t. Recently, more than ever; I’ve realised just how distorted, restricted and quite frankly miserable my existence has become.

With my clients I advocate balance.

"Eat the rainbow but DONT’t count calories".

"Workout but DON'T turn on the watch"

"Run because you can not because you have to"

"Enjoy your life at every turn"

With myself however…

I don’t live by these philosophies. Life is one of calculation, measure and justification mainly in relation to food and intake.

This last week has seen a turnaround and I'm going to dig deep, recognise what is going on and resolute to making a difference not only for myself but also for you, for my clients, my business and reputation.

So the facts of the situation.

I’m medically underweight.

On a physiological level, body systems DON'T work.

Socially I lead a restricted life where I limit my plans to those I can safely control and my behaviours include counting every gram, weighing specific foods and punishing my body with relentless determination.

So why tell you all this?

To totally ruin my business? My clients will surely run a mile… you reading this may think "HELL NO" to ever getting advice from a fruit loop like this.

But I tell you for accountability

There is no more tracking, weighing or counting.

I’ll exercise for sure and learn how to enjoy it again.

Raining?… no I’m not slogging it out on the pavement

Weight gain is not only absolutely necessary but my future depends on it. The questions I’ll return to throughout is simple

“Is this action taking me further to my goal?”

“Can I live with the regret of not acting”

I’ll be documenting my way through this process and even posting photos of my very own transformation.

So why should you train with me? Why invest in someone who clearly doesn’t advocate what they advise.

Well it’s exactly BECAUSE of that.

Because I get it.

I get how complicated our lives, mental states and habits truly are. How entrenched and deep rooted they become.

I get that we all have triggers and that overcoming them feels impossible but by me sharing my own vulnerabilities and showing my true colours, you’ll realise that you can do this too.

There’s no shame.

There’s no judgement

And we truly are all in this together.

This is my SweetPeach journey

This is our future

And we’re all in this together

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